Pet haven: Qualities of a Good Dog haven

Pet haven is the term that is mandatory to understand before adopting a pet. The place where lost, rescued and homeless animals are kept, cared for, and looked after is called a pet haven. If you want to know about pet haven, this article is for you. Homeless animals, especially dogs and cats, are first brought to the pet haven and then examined under the command of expert doctors. The staff takes care of all necessities that are required.

What is a pet haven?

Pet Haven is the place or first stop for stolen, abandoned, or rescued animals or any pet found as a stray or surrendered by their owners. Some pet havens provide the facility in different countries. Also, in some countries, the government funds and governs it.

These organizations provide an emergency call number where anyone can call anytime to inform them about a stray dog or an abandoned or abusive living situation animals. Then, their rescue team arrived and took the animal or pet to the center. Most pet havens must take the animals who come their way, for example, ill or injured animals. Then, their staff also contacts the public for adaptation because these pet havens have limited animal places.

Difference between shelter and rescued pets:

Sometimes, the words shelter or rescued look similar. Still, knowing both are different in the pet haven case is compulsory. These words may be interchangeable, but not. The term shelter animal refers to the lost animals or pets which should be given to their owners. On the other hand, the term rescue is used for animals placed in pet havens until anyone can adopt the animals or pets.

Dogs haven in parks:

There are several pet parks where the owner can bring their dog, and the dog plays the whole day in the parks. Several dog competitions are being held there. Dogs can slide, swim, and be adequately fed in these parks. These parks also contain a haven for dogs.

Some parks are specially made for dogs, and some public parks have separate spaces. Some of them have large areas, and some of them need more places to play. Sometimes, the large size of dogs is not allowed to enter the parks.

Animal shelter (pound):

It resembles a haven or pet haven where surrendered animals and lost and abandoned pets are brought to look after. On the other hand, the pound originates from agricultural communities keeping animals, so the terms haven and shelter will be considered different.

How does pet haven work?

The municipal and local government bodies are functional in many countries, states, and cities. They have a group of teams, including doctors, caretakers, trucks, and cars. They function by picking stray dogs, cats, and sometimes snakes found in homes or residential areas. These teams also make a report about animals or attacks of animals or pets on humans. They have a special department known as the Animal Control Department. There are maximum dog bite or attack incidents reported in this cell. The dog catcher or rabies control team quickly responds, provides a medical facility to the victim, and picks the dog up for further investigation.

How does an owner surrender his pet?

Many organizations allow the owner to surrender his pet if they no longer want to adopt it. Their process is simple: the owner provides his information and the cause of leaving or surrendering the animal or pet.

Dog haven:

Simply put, a dog haven is a small wooden or fabric house where a dog is placed and cared for. Often, it is 4 meters high and 6 meters square in length and width. The size of a single haven depends upon the size of the dog or pet, where the dog can easily sleep and rest. The municipal authorities can provide these havens, or owners can buy them from the pet market.

These havens are designed for dogs living in hut style, with a round hole in front of the wall under it; a small door is provided where this dog can enter inside. This haven is an exceptionally devoted place for dogs and can be placed anywhere in the home.

Dogs are in municipal shelters:

The pet’s haven in a pet shelter is specially monitored where the dog’s behavior is noticed. It is also used for breeding under a unique team of doctors and experts. This team is responsible to look after and maintain the record. In dogs, there are often some diseases that stray dogs can transfer to another dog. The units of doctors vaccinate every dog, keep the breed quantity, and look after their health and proper food.

How do we evaluate dogs and havens?

When someone wants to adopt a dog, the dog is first examined. Then, after official documentation, it is handed over to the owner. Some essential points are specially considered.


Proper vaccination is mandatory, which reduces the risk of sickness and any other significant diseases,

The climate where the dog can easily survive:

Every dog can not survive in any condition. Some dogs are friendly in cold weather, but in the hot season, they cannot stay.

Food. of the dog:

The food is a significant item that the owner gives as home food, or you may purchase some dog food in the form of cookies and biscuits.

Proper check-up:

Proper check-ups and examinations are needed for stray dogs and cats because they can be affected by any virus.

Clean from diseases:

When the dogs or pets are clean or clear from disease, they are handed to the owner.

The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Animals is responsible for this process during adaptation.

Qualities of a Good Dog haven:

There are some qualities of haven, which are listed below.

  • A decent place where dogs can feel a loving home.
  • There should be proper care of pets, for example, washing, bathing, and easily fed/
  • Be well maintained and have a lovely appearance.
  • Do not attack other animals.
  • Have proper health care and health kit.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of pets.
  • Having friendly behavior.

Role of human societies:

Many human societies worldwide ensure the dog’s adaptation and proper care. In many countries, 9 out of 10 homes adopt dogs, and some are interested in their breeding. In such cases, they produce jobs, and some people hire a person to look after their pets, specifically dogs.

Dogs vaccination:

The dogs are the most common pet which is adopted. The dogs have various health issues and viruses in their bite. The owner is responsible for the proper check-up and vaccination. The vaccination teams can be called by calling their cell number, and they can then examine the pets and collect information about dogs’ health. In case of any problem, the dog is then taken to a shelter home.

Dogs haven for the public:

It is typically a fenced outdoor area with playland swimming pools for dogs and a check-up counter. Sometimes, these are separated by the size of the dogs. The most common use of these dog havens is that everyone can bring a pet dog in this area, and every given facility is provided


There is a difference between pet shelters and pet haven. But both functioned similarly. You may have a pet haven at home. The shelters have a more significant turnover of animals in selection and breeding. The owner or adopter may choose according to their interest. There are also some animal parks where the same facility is given, and your pet dogs can play outdoors.

Shelters and havens provide vaccination and excellent care facilities in developing countries where volunteers can avail of their service.

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