A Complete Guide to Pet Cremation & Cost

In the current era, various sorts of animals are brought up by humans as pets in their homes and farms. On the other hand, it is regrettable when pets pass away and are not treated as well as they deserve. There is a technique which is known as pet cremation. This is the technique when your beloved family pet dies, which should be its funeral, and the pet owner receives its ashes to keep memories of their friend. If you are interested in pet cremation, you are at the right place.

Pet cremation is most commonly used around the globe. Various pets are just like family members to the owner and have glorious memories with the family. The owner then saves the memories as ashes and keeps them in the home to honor the pet. This article will guide you about pet cremation.

Pet cremation types:

There are two types of pet cremation

Collective cremation:

If two or more pets are cremated with other animals, the ashes are taken to agricultural lands and used as fertilizer. These ashes are not returned to the owner. This is most common, and this process is a low-price process.

Individual cremation:

In this process of pet cremation, the ashes of the pet animal are returned to the owner in a pot or urn. This process is comparatively expensive.

How to cremate a pet?

The pet owner brings the pet to the vet, and then the owner decides whether it will be collective or individual cremation. If the respective owner arranges all necessary things and brings his family members and friends, the pet is cremated, and the ashes are returned to the owner. The owner decides the types of urns where the ashes are collected and taken home. But in the case of collective cremation, the pet is handed over to the vet, and they manage and arrange everything in the crematorium and then send the ashes to agricultural land.

What to do at the time of cremation?

If the owner makes all arrangements independently, the pet can be held. Last time, the owner is further sent to the burning process, and finally, the owner receives the ashes. It is a process which takes one hour or less. The owner waits in the waiting room when the pet is given to the vet. Suppose you want to get the ashes early. Otherwise, the ashes are delivered to the given address of your home.

Before this process, it is advised that pet owners do research in their area of residence and find the crematoria in their area where only a single cremation facility is available and make sure they receive the ashes of their pet, not others.

The owner should contact the insurance company of his pet on the day of death. The insurance company will refer you to the nearest cremation center or any alternative if the cremation is not preferred.

Alternatives to cremation of pets:

The cremation of pets is a suitable option, but the government discourages it in many countries. When a pet passes away, it is possible to bury its body in the pet or animal garden where the proper funeral takes place and is buried. But there are some conditions.

Ø  The weight of the pet should be less than 40 kg.

Ø  The pet’s grave should be 35 meters distanced from the neighboring grave and source of water if it exists.

This process is costly and requires the proper permission of the government and local authorities.

Pet cremation cost:

The pet cremation cost depends upon the process or technique of cremation selected by the pet’s owner.

The cost of pet cremations can be between 40-100£, which varies along with the size and weight of the pet. This cost is effective only for collective cremation.

In the case of individual cremations, the cost is 75 to 200 £, depending on the size and weight of the pet. Other factors should be considered, for example, the cost of transportation. The cost of urn. And others.

The transportation cost may be between 100 to 150 £, and the price of the urn can be 25 to 180 £. The total pet cremation cost may be increased in the case of a unique vas or urn,

How Is Pet Cremation Done?

The process of cremation is done in crematories. These are specially designed for pet cremations and dedicated to this purpose. The pet’s body is subjected to cremate under a very high temperature, around 1400-1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

The high temperature causes the vaporization, which reduces the organic matter to ash dust or dry bone. Then, the surgical pins, rod tags, or any metallic objects are separated through magnetic equipment. Finally, the ashes are inspected manually and placed carefully in an urn.

Pet cremation urn:

Dogs, Cats, Fish, Birds, Rabbits, Ferrets, Turtles, and Snakes are the most common pets worldwide. The pet cremation urn size depends upon the amount or weight of ashes collected. In the last stage, the ashes are pulverized to separate coarse materials and then converted to powder form. Then, these ashes are packed in sealed plastic bags. These bags are then packed in cardboard boxes and returned to the owners.

When the owner receives the ashes, the owner keeps them in the urn for the memory of their beloved pet. Also, it depends on whether the owner spreads the ashes in fields or keeps them in the pot.

The color of ashes:

The color of the cremated remains is usually pale or white. It has been observed that the color during pet cremations are changed due to health issue of the pet or overmedications.

How much time is required for cremation?

The time for pet cremation depends upon the size and weight of the pet. For a small pet like a rabbit, parrot, or mouse, the total time may be at most 30 minutes. On the other hand, it may take 45 minutes to one hour for large animals like horses or dogs.

Weight of ashes:

The weight of cremation also depends upon the weight of the animal and its bone structure; the dead body of your pet is placed in the refrigerator in case of delay and then, at the time of cremation, is sent to the crematories.

The size of the urn:

The size of the urn depends on the weight of the ashes. The size and shape should be suitable for the residue of your beloved pet. There are some mind-blowing tips to select the urn. Urn quality should be high and composed of porcelain. White, grey, white, or seashell colors are preferred. Select the appropriate color if you want to display the urn at home. These urns are specially crafted, designed, and painted. Try to select a nature theme painted on an urn.


Overall, the pet cremation process is performed in the crematorium, which is known as the house of cremators, having cremation chambers or retorts. Due to the high heat effect in this chamber, the pet’s body vaporizes and reduces to bones and ashes.

The pet cremation cost depends upon the owner’s collective or individual cremation choice. Do not forget to inform the pet insurance company about your pet’s death. Also, the time duration depends on the size and weight of the animals.

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