15 Lovable Dog Breeds with Long Snout

There are various long-snouted dog breeds of dogs around the world. If you want to know about a dog with a long snout, this is the right place. Many questions arise about the long-snouted dog breed: Why do some dogs have long noses, and which is the best? This article covers almost every long-snouted dog breed.

There are many breeds of dogs, but in the previous ten decades, there has been some intensive and selective breeding of dogs with long snouts by humans. And human has created a vast array of various phenotypes. The health and qualities through training are being improved, and long-snout dogs are used for multiple purposes.

Dogs with long noses:

There are 15 main types of dogs with long noses. They all are long-faced dogs. They have different qualities and different growth in other circumstances.


Borzoi is a dog with a long snout. Famous for its look and quality, it was known as the Russian wolfhound with a super dog long snout that attracts the persons. Its appearance is outstanding, and its sniff power is marvelous. The most extended nose, which is recorded, is 12.2 inches. This breed was used to hunt wolves in Russia.


The greyhound is known for its lean legs folded year and recognizable snoot. In the past, the long snout dog greyhound was used as a racing dog and sight hunting. It is a human-friendly long, snouted dog breed with excellent running speed. On the other hand, due to its short coat and low body fats, it cannot live under the sun for long. It is also a dog with long snout.


Poodles are long face dogs and famous for their curly coats that appear excellent under the sunlight, and they are long snout dog. Or a long faced dog whose long snout increases the beauty of this unique breed of dog. Poodles are incredibly athletic and friendly and keep busy playing with their owners. They are fantastic and calm; extensive exercise can improve their qualities. It is the happiest breed of dog.


The whippet (long-snouted dog breed) is a relative of Italian and Russian greyhound-face dogs called the goldilocks of dogs. It is just because of its look and living style. They are friendly, gentle, and affectionate. This long-face dog breed is used to chase rabbits and also being used for sports. Their speed can be improved by daily exercise and a proper diet plan.

Doberman pinscher:

They are also called Velcro dogs and are dogs with long snouts or dogs with long faces. The snout size and heart match are often used as watchdogs. The Doberman pinscher is devoted to family and affectionate toward the owner. These pups are brilliant, loving, caring, and gorgeous in look. They are perfect athletes and perfect hiking buddies.

Pharaoh hound:

Dog with a long face, Pharaoh Hounds (dog breeds with a long snout) are used for adventure, and their nose also has great sniffing power. It is a playful energetic and long-faced dog. This breed was used to chase anything in games. These games were played in ancient Egypt. These peppy puppies are superb for their mental activity and running. They are excellent companions and are used as chasing dogs.


It is a beautiful long snout and flowing coat and the dog’s long face increases its beauty.  It is a special breed of dog that is socially energetic and friendly. It is used for livestock caretakers, and his sense is outstanding. This breed is humans’ favorite breed around the world. The main advantage of this breed is that it can survive in hard and cold weather.

Bull terrier:

Bull terriers (dog breeds with long snouts) are famous for their adorable egg-shaped head and adorable breed that is very affectionate to humans. In addition, it is well known due to its dramatic snout, sharp ears, playful and charming personality. It is also called a kid in a dog suit because it is human-friendly and naughty. People love this dog due to its energy and strong muscles. It is used for walking and physical activities.

Afghan hound:

Afghan hound (long-faced dog) looks decent in appearance and his snout and silky nose are matchless. It is also called a queen from head to toe and a dog with a long snout. It is intelligent, independent, and used for hunting in mountains and forests. They have long plush coats and require daily brushing to keep them bright. They often spend time with the owner and use it for multiple purposes.


It is an ancient breed (dog breeds long snout) with a long snout, feathery eyes, and a lean body. This breed is rare and costly breed around the world. The Saluki is a stunning dog. Historically, it was considered a royal gift and taken care of under the special command of kings and nobles’ families. It is an excellent companion in the mountains and desert.


It is a small dog with long snout. It are specially trained under the excellent hunter. Then, they are groomed for improvement. You may imagine the charming personality of a dog, small ears, and bouncy walk. It all depends on training. It is also called doxies. They are best companions and independent. Their sense of observation is outstanding. Their look is tiny but big.

Airedale Terrier:

The Airedale terrier is a dog with a long snout and small gumdrop nose. It has brown hairs that look like a giant teddy bear. This breed is known for its eyes, which have a slightly light red color. They are intelligent and used for sniffing and detecting the hunt. They (dog with long faces) are highly energetic and have strong muscles. They are very fast puzzle solvers, and they love to socialize themselves.

Italian Greyhound:

The Italian greyhound (long faced dog) is a relative of a greyhound. It may be shorter in height and posture, but his snout is long. They are trained and then used for hunting. They are affectionate and intelligent. Italian greyhounds are mostly loveable and often sit in their owner’s lap. Their puppies are excellent companions in the home, and a good decision to adopt them for the new owner. They are quick. The dog long snout helps in sniffing.

German shepherd:

The pointed nose dogs with striking facial markings perked ears, and a dog long snout in black. The most beautiful breed and an excellent companion. German shepherds are powerful and often used for home and household purposes. But this is a superior pointing breed and used the detection of deceptive things by their sniffing power. They are a self-confident, self-assured, devoted and protective breed of pointed nose dogs. It is the favourite breed of people’s dogs. They are trained for improvement, and their mental and physical tests are being taken and then used in multi-purpose.


The bloodhound is the most precious breed with the most fantastic nose and long snout. They throw jewel drops from their mouths due to their extraordinary sense of smell. They are giants and gentle dog long face. If they are satisfied by any physical activity or mental stimulation, they are the best companion’s protectors.

Advantages and disadvantages of long-snout dogs:

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of dogs with long noses.

  • The dog with long snout is also called a dolichocephalic (dogs with long snouts) dog. On the other hand, the dog with a short nose or a brachycephalic dog. They are ranked in their class due to smell detection. No matter it is for bomb-sniffing or tracking from long distances and narcotics sniffing. Their long muzzles and dog long face help them to serve in heat and warm seasons.
  • By contrast, the longer snouts are a more harmful breed in their class due to nose and snout. Their snout is often damaged in working circumstances and cause serious health problem for them.
  • The disadvantage of the dolichocephalic (dogs with long snouts) breed, which is a long-snout breed, is their respiratory issue in heat. Due to running, their body gets overheated, which causes problems in breathing.


Compared to other dogs, every breed of dog has pros and cons, but a dog with long snout is better in many ways. They have great smelling power and are bright, healthy, and intelligent. They are long snout dogs that have superb running power and speed.

Saluki, German shepherd, and Afghan hound dogs are the most precious and human-friendly long-face dogs. For multiple purposes, dog with long snout are trained and used. Collie is the most brilliant breed, attractive, affectionate to the owner, and intelligent. On the other hand, pointed nose dogs must care about the nose to avoid damage.

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